the solar gourmet

a regular column by suellyn woodall

the cookbook developed by the institute of cultural affairs in nairobi, kenya is bi-lingual, reading in either swahili or english depending on which way you open the book.

it is a good book for beginners because it is enthusiastic and reassuring while it answers the basic questions about solar cooking. the diagrams that accompany the text are clearly drawn, providing a visual guide on the proper use of the cooker.

the institute congratulates women for caring "to take on the important task of becoming a pioneer," by learning to use solar energy to relieve suffering and improve health in their country. in many of the recipes for traditional foods the advise you to fry meats and spices first on a regular stove and then place into the solar cooker. i have found that this step can and be eliminated once confidence has been developed in cooking with solar energy. i solar-saut´┐Ż spices in a small dark frying pan with a little oil before mixing with the other ingredients.

according to the cookbook you can make an excellent ugali in a solar cooker using this method: you will get an excellent ugali if you mix one part of unga (maize flour) and one part cold water. stir well to avoid lumps and place the mixture in a covered pot in the solar cooker. after approximately 2-1/2 to 3 hours (depending on the quantity) the ugali is ready. it does not need any stirring or beating, and the sufuria (pot) can be cleaned very easily after cooking.

i should mention that some have written of their success with ugali-type dishes by heating the water and the dry cornmeal in separate pots in the solar oven; then when the water has come to a boil, combine the two and let it sit for a short time.

here is a recipe from the book for baked potatoes: select one to two medium sized potatoes per person, wash them well, rub their skin with cooking oil and put them in a covered sufuria. do not add any water! after approximately 2-1/2 hours remove the lid from the sufuria and bake the potatoes for another 15 to 30 minutes. they will then have the typical baked look!

for further information, contact

the institute of cultural affairs
pob 21679
nairobi, kenya
tel: +245-2-729375

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