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 Derk Rijks of the KoZon Foundation, and solar cooking trainer Marie-Rose Neloum, continue to teach solar cooking at the Iridimi camp for refugees from the Darfur region of Sudan. Nearly 250 panel-type solar cookers have been distributed to refugees, 50 of which were assembled at the camp. Contact: Derk Rijks by e-mail: or, Web: Armando Herculano Lopes Ferrera recently designed a panel-type solar cooker called Girassol (“sun flower”). Its pentagonal shape eliminates the need to reorient the cooker to track the sun’s movement. Contact Armando Herculano Lopes Ferrera by e-mail:   The NGO Solar Household Energy, Inc. (SHE) has spent several years developing a panel-type solar cooker — the “HotPot” — a variation on Solar Cookers International’s “CooKit.” In 2003 SHE competed for a grant from the World Bank’s Development Marketplace to mount a HotPot promotion project in Mexico.An interview with the directors can be heard here. Contact:
Three women in Gorom-Gorom, Burkina Faso with their CooKits. A panel cooker with extra flaps at the top to reflect more light into the bag.  
Solar oven saleswoman Maina Manunure in Harare, Zimbabwe (more info).    
  The Reflective Open Box Cooker (ROB)  
    A panel cooker made completely from sheet metal.

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